Logistics of Outsourcing to Bolivia

Outsourcing to Bolivia is as easy as using a third party in the United States. We focus on reliability so that we can provide the best service to our clients.

While Bolivia doesn’t have the infrastructure that can be found in American cities, this does not limit our engineers’ ability to develop or create, due to their high aptitude and skills.

At TRUEXTEND, we have established routine requirements for our infrastructure; we have everything required for a reliable, certified network. We have multiple network devices that provide us with connectivity, security and flexibility to do this business. For instance we have three different ADSL lines with three different ISPs. One line is fiber optic, which goes directly to our office. We want to make sure that our network will be stable, with a primary and a backup connection. For communication, we have a U.S. phone line, allowing our devices and engineers to easily make and receive calls with the United States.

We have several departments to serve our customers. A big strength in our company is our quality assurance department, for both manual and automated testing, and in addition we have a lot of expertise in .net and java development. We have multiple quality assurance engineers with different backgrounds, carrying out mobile testing for web mobile applications and also automation. We also have a small group dedicated to business analysis. Our business analysts help with the design of products.

The primary principle of our company is to have happy clients. Therefore, it is important to us, and our clients, that we have highly-capable engineers. English language skills are of the utmost important to us. To ensure that all of our engineers are able to communicate in English, we provide English classes for them and pair them with language buddies. We have an internship or training program with several graduates from local universities. When a student’s internship is completed, we extend employment to the most promising students. To keep their skills up-to-date, we also provide tuition reimbursement to our engineers for different courses.

Our engineers are capable of working on a project of any level. We have had very good experiences in which our engineers worked on the same project for more than five years. Unlike other companies, we do not change engineers throughout the course of a project. Therefore, the project is successful, as we keep the knowledge of our team on a specific product to maintain quality and to keep growing. Our clients notice this and find it very important.

We strive hard to meet the needs of our clients. Outsourcing your engineering needs to Bolivia is a seamless transition. From our reliable connectivity to our knowledgeable engineers, you can be sure your project will be complete with the highest level of integrity.

Logistics of Outsourcing to Bolivia