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Somewhere in North America… Somewhere in Latin America…

Hi Maria, I got a last minute request from my manager and it’s very important.
2:40 PM

You are great! We need to start the execution of the regression suite right away in order to rollout a new hotfix tonight.
2.43 PM

Thank you so much, I couldn’t make it without you guys! :)
5:11 PM

Hi there, we can leave our current assignments on hold and jump in to help you.
2:41 PM

Not a problem, we’ll start working on that ASAP with the entire nearshore team.
2:45 PM

Hey Jessica, we’re done. We didn’t find any major issue and we are ready for the sign off.
5:10 PM

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Our services

Our services

Staff Augmentation

This is a well known strategy that permits companies to overcome the challenging need of recruiting talented experienced and skilled...

Software Development

TRUEXTEND understands all the complexities and low-level details of corporate software development, and we have the talent...

QA & Software Testing

Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing are critical factors, that determine the success or failure, of any software product...

UX & Business Analysis

Business Analysis, is the discipline that identifies business needs and determines solutions to business problems. Since...

Our Company

Our company

TRUEXTEND, Inc. is a California-based company specializing in extending the engineering capabilities of any business throughout the United States and Canada. We increase the intellectual production of our clients by providing the best human resources through a  Nearshore model . Headquartered in Silicon Valley, TRUEXTEND runs Nearshore R&D centers in Latin America to provide cost effective solutions to our clients.

TRUEXTEND is the result of a decade of commitment to perfection from a highly qualified word-class IT professional team whose passion for technology takes results beyond limits. Over the years we worked with early-stage, venture capital firms and large established companies with excellent results in common. “You aim for the summit, we take you there”.

Why choose us

TRUEXTEND is the best partner for you because we are not only doing business but also we are doing a lifetime career. This is why out customer’s goals become ours and we work together as a single and cohesive team.

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Our culture is aware of the challenges of the software industry and is always trying to find out the excellence in the services we provide as a company and also committed to create excellent professionals. At TRUEXTEND we are really thinking big and constantly improving the company in different levels.

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Agile software development has been gaining considerable acceptance over the years. While this set of engineering practices for software development was introduced more than 15 years ago, today we are seeing its broad acceptance and more and more software companies complying with agile best practices.

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At TRUEXTEND we really understand how rapidly the technologies evolve and how fast new technologies are introduced to the industry. One of the most fascinating things of the software industry is that is always improving and reinventing itself in different levels.

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Process is a fundamental element of the TRUEXTEND culture. We rely heavily on processes not only to optimize productivity and quality, but also to ensure the delivery of solutions that solve real business needs.

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“Extend your wings; fly with us.”

Throughout the years, we have successfully extended capabilities for a large number of corporations, mainly across North America. During these years, from our base in Bolivia, the big advantages of our nearshore model and its benefits became clear to our clients: proximity, time zone, cultural affinity, ease of doing business and cost savings. Results speak for themselves; jump aboard and fuel your company up with TRUEXTEND.

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