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Why Latin America

LATAM the New Hot Spot for Software Engineering and Nearshore

There are countries like Bolivia, Colombia and Guatemala that are increasingly becoming an attractive destination for Information Technology (IT) outsourcing, one of the main advantages of these countries is the ability to offer real-time services to companies in North America, something that several companies struggle with specially when they need to collaborate among multiple locations in different time zones.

Nearshore in LATAM region has revolutionized industry verticals and it is helping many organizations to streamline their operations and gain competitiveness because a constant and effective communication among team members is the key to create software products with high quality.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Latin America:

  • Lower cost of both labor and supplies
  • Similar time zone as North America
  • Large pool of skilled professionals
  • Fluent speakers in English and Spanish
  • Constant growing of telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Many years of experience in outsourcing services
  • Fast growing IT industry and IT Education
  • Faster response time

Bolivia in Software Engineering

Bolivia has a very strategic location in central South America which makes it very convenient for travelers to stop by and do some tourism. In the same way due to the high quality of education and affordable lifestyle Bolivia hosts several thousands of students from other neighbor countries who study careers in medicine and technology. In this way, high education and good connections with foreign countries marked the start that allow this country to adventure in the global IT industry.

IT and software development industry has been developing in Bolivia since early 2000’s and based on local reports there are several hundred of companies that provide IT and Software services to the rest of the world. In addition, there are several prestigious private and public universities, like UMSS, UCB and UPB that nurture the technology industry with talented engineers and every year there are more and more students signing up to technology careers.

TRUEXTEND is a company that is contributing for more than one decade with the Bolivian IT industry creating opportunities for computer science professionals in different industries using the most challenging technologies. And in addition, running a training program (link) where young professionals are inserted to the market every year.