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Silverlight Software Development Expertise

Microsoft Silverlight is a framework intended to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA) integrating vector graphics, audio, video, animations and interactivity into a single runtime environment. Silverlight works in a similar way to Adobe Flash hosted within a regular browser. Silverlight is a cross platform and cross browser platform working on Windows and Mac OSX and browsers like IE, FF, Safari and Chrome.

Silverlight Application Development

TRUEXTEND’s engineers can guide you through the process of developing intensive user experience web applications improving on the traditional web application. Silverlight architecture allows you to combine powerful development tools with advanced graphical design. TRUEXTEND has graphical artists on staff who can collaborate with the development team to create an impeccable application.

In order to achieve the highest productivity our engineers are proficient in all the tools related to Silverlight such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Expression Blend, Microsoft Expression Design as well as different design patterns and industry best practices.

Our Silverlight application development expertise includes:

  • Microsoft Silverlight application development using XAML and .NET framework
  • Development of Windows Phone mobile applications
  • Creating intensive audio and video applications
  • Porting WPF applications to Silverlight