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Why Bolivia?

Bolivia is an Andean country located in the center of South America very similar in size to California and Texas together and with a population of a round 12 million people. Bolivia is not known for a typical outsource destination however several factors that we are pointing out below will demonstrate this country is becoming an attractive destination to find engineering talent in software development and IT.

The Andean country has proven over the past decade that has a controller inflation rate which was not higher than 3% in 2022. In addition, the average GDP growth in the last decade is approximately 5% which is notoriously higher than other countries in the region. This stability is allowing stablished and new businesses to thrive like never seen before in the country.

In recent years the literacy rate of the country is historically high at 93.85% in 2020 which implies that education is getting better in the country. In addition, superior education has been growing in the country and generating high qualified professional in areas of medicine and technology. There are more than 50 universities in the country and many of them have an special focus on technology careers like UMSS, UCB and UPB to mention a few.

The early 2000’s market an outbreak of software companies in Bolivia and since then talented professionals have been working in all sorts of software development and technology projects. Many of these companies provide services to North America and Europe give the opportunity to Bolivian professionals to learn and work with the most recent technologies and trends of the software market.

Therefore, Bolivia is an strong competitor if you are trying to find highly qualified software engineers. In addition, TRUEXTEND is working for more than one decade fostering young professionals and given them the opportunity to do a career in technology.

Other Interesting Facts about Bolivia

Interesting places to visit while you are in Bolivia:

Sports and Music:

Soccer is probably more a Religion than a sport in the region and the soccer season lasts the entire year therefore you should be able to find tickets for a sport match while you visit the country. In addition, Bolivia has an extensive portfolio of folkloric music and dances. You’ll be delighted to watch dances like Morenada, Caporal, Diablada to mention a few. A good time of the year to get in touch with all the local folklore is during the Carnival season. One remarked event is the Carnaval de Oruro which was declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.