Education Background Principles

Professional and Engineering Background

At TRUEXTEND we cultivate minds and encourage our employees to constantly grow in their careers.

A key factor that makes you hire employees, whether they are onsite or offshore, is their professional background which encompasses their education, past experience and the specific skills they may have.

Our company employees engineers with different backgrounds and varied technology expertise. Engineers with more than 15 years of experience as well as young, enthusiastic ones. All of them have in common the continuous pursuit of excellence and solid education in computer science.

All our engineers have a bachelor degree in computer science or related field that requires a 5-year education at a university where they learn the fundamentals of the career. A significant number of them join TRUEXTEND’s boot camp and training program where they have the opportunity to learn and level up their knowledge in specific areas.

The company promotes continues improvement with our continuing education program and with certification and postgraduate programs. We are glad to say that we have Microsoft, CISCO, Scrum Alliance and ORACLE certified professionals on our lines.

An indispensable skill for the Offshore and Nearshore business is English proficiency. Although some of our engineers learned English in elementary school, all of them study advanced English to reach the point of fluency.

Besides the skills described on this page, every engineer has expertise in a specific area that he/she has been working on and perfecting during his/her entire career. We would be really happy to assist you with any question you may have. Please feel free to call us at 408-647-1244 or Email us and talk to one of our experts.