Truextend Staff

President and Founder

Javier Aranda

Javier has an extraordinary passion for software development and technology. Throughout his career he is distinguished in three different areas: university professor, software architect and entrepreneur.

About me

He is always interested in supporting academic activities at universities and colleges in an effort to improve the conditions and knowledge of recent graduates. In that regard, he has participated in training more than 2000 students in computer science bachelor programs as well as post graduate programs at the most well-known Universities in Cochabamba, Bolivia UCB (Universidad Católica Boliviana), UMSS (Universidad Mayor de San Simón) and UPB (Universidad Privada Boliviana). All these activities illustrate one of Javier’s favorite sayings “Teaching is learning” Javier's accomplishments as a software architect include designing solutions for mission-critical systems and demanding clients from the United States, Europe and Latin America. More over he has been awarded several Microsoft certifications like MCP, MCTS, MCPD and MCT.

My goals

Finally, Javier is the founder of TRUEXTEND, Inc., an international company with headquarters in Silicon Valley, in the United States and R&D centers in Cochabamba, Bolivia. TRUEXTEND is a successful company that became a reality thanks to the tireless efforts of Javier and the team he built. Javier visualizes TRUEXTEND as a lifetime project that is pursuing excellence at different levels and providing the opportunity for a professional career.

VP of Operations

Marcelo Blanco

Born in Washington D.C. but living most of his life in Bolivia, Marcelo also always strives for perfection in all his activities. As a Civil Engineer, it comes naturally for him to calculate every step of a project and manage teams to maximize their capabilities. These qualities are apparent even when he is not in the office, like in his busy outdoor life.

About me

Having an appetite for adventure, Marcelo has taken his passion for rock climbing and paragliding to a new level by establishing the first extreme sports service company in Bolivia, AndesXtremo S.R.L. Upon completing his studies in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing in the Netherlands, he traveled around the United States and Europe and visiting more than 30 cities in 15 countries around the globe which gives him a remarkable ability to work with global clients in any industry.

My goals

Marcelo has been involved in numerous engineering projects in Bolivia that have contributed to local development where he always stands out, completing every project on time and within budget. With those qualities, as VP of Operations, it is easy to understand why Marcelo is a perfect fit with TRUEXTEND’s requirement to become a leading company in the nearshore outsourcing industry.