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Mobile Consulting Services

The growth and importance of mobile devices in the daily lives of everyone is more apparent every day. Recently, this has become just as important for software companies, mainly because this is new market with enough room for traditional applications as well as new creative and innovative ones.

TRUEXTEND has a team of engineers with strong knowledge and significant experience who can help you turn a great idea into a great mobile application from scratch.

If you already have a product and would like to write a mobile version, we can create the mobile application you need with the best quality and in record time. Combining the excellence of our engineering team, our proposal and great development tools, the results are guaranteed.

Native iOS iPhone, iPad Application Consulting

Thanks to TRUEXTEND iOS development expertise we can create native applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod and assist you throughout the process until the application is published in the Apple Store.

Native Android Application Consulting

Creating an Android native application is a challenging task, mainly because it must support devices from different manufacturers, like Motorola, Samsung, Sony, etc. Fortunately, we have a team with significant Android development expertise who can help you with this endeavor.

Web Client Mobile Application for iOS iPhone / iPad, Google Android, RIM Blackberry, Windows Phone.

A common strategy for building a mobile application that runs on a wider range of mobile devices is to create a web based solution so that the device's browser is used to render the application using HTML, AJAX and JavaScript. Although the experience of a web client application is inferior than a native application, it avoids the effort of rewriting the same application for different mobile device platforms. TRUEXTEND has implemented several web client mobile applications that run successfully on different devices and platforms like the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone, among others. We will be delighted to do the same for you.