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Microsoft .NET Development

Microsoft .NET Framework is one of the most popular runtime and development platforms worldwide due to its ability to work across diverse operating systems, integrate legacy and new systems, multi-language support, security and scalability. Here at TRUEXTEND we adopted and began using this technology since it was launched at the beginning of this century.

The fact that we can really maximize our productivity and solve problems in minutes when developing in .NET as compared with other technologies that take hours or days makes it our preferred development tool. All the development tools (Visual Studio), frameworks and libraries that are part of .NET together are the perfect combination.

We are proud to say that by using .NET framework we are able to save our clients costs in terms of time and effort, and we can deliver the best solution in terms of the scalability, efficiency and quality.


One strength of the .NET tool is that it allows us to spend more time and effort meeting our clients' business needs and less time struggling with limitations of the technology itself.

Generally speaking, the .NET learning curve is notoriously low, and all the tools and libraries are integrated for a unified development platform. The IDE, which is Visual Studio, allows us to create solutions instantly, and the Framework Class Library provides all the knowledge and base classes required to start coding.


We have engineers with different backgrounds and expertise in different languages like C++, VB and C#, but they are able to work together sharing components from one language to another thanks to. NET multi-language capabilities.

Common Knowledge Base

Since all .NET components are tightly integrated, the knowledge acquired in one area is useful for another. For example, someone with extensive experience in web development can easily start developing a desktop application because most of the core concept remains the same. In this way our developers are able to create a common knowledge base so that they are ready to meet any type of business need.

Tools for Quality

Visual Studio is the most advanced IDE for development, which helps us increase the quality of our code. It has integrated great tools like code analyzer, refactor, profiler, etc. Our favorite is the unit testing framework.

We are able to create unit tests extremely easily and execute them during the development in order to enforce test driven development (TDD). In addition, we can see the percentage of code coverage and impose unit test creation to improve quality.

Further Experience with .NET

We can also provide support for all the following topics:

  • Visual Studio SDK and extensibility development
  • Migration of legacy components (C or C++) to C#
  • Migration of JAVA/J2EE applications to .NET
  • Migration of VB applications to VB.NET
  • Migration of legacy applications to .NET