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Screening and Selecting Engineers

It can be a challenge to select the appropriate fit for the success of your business when you are ready to hire a team or an individual contributor. Although screening, interviewing, and selecting candidates is a time consuming process, trying to do this with engineers who are thousands of miles away can be complicated.

Over time we have accumulated experience and improved our recruiting and training programs to find the best-qualified engineers in the local market. Our rigorous recruiting programs ensure that all the engineers we hire have talent, passion for their work and a solid engineering background. We perform academic, financial and criminal background checks. In addition, we test the candidates' knowledge and experience by giving them exams on different subjects. Finally, we interview the entire candidate pool in order to make sure they are suitable to join the company and if they match our client’s needs.

You have the choice of complete visibility during the screening and selecting process, or simply receive and analyze the candidates we identify for you. You or someone from your team can talk, interview and, in some cases, meet the candidates before you commit to hire them. We consider this a critical step in the selection process because you will work with our engineers on a daily basis. In this way you have the opportunity to assess different criteria that are important to you and your company and make sure you will build a Nearshore team easy to work with.

Finally, after we’re done staffing up your Nearshore team, you can be 100% certain that all the engineers you select and talk to will be part of your team and will be engaged with you for the long term. We would be really happy to assist you with any question you may have. Please feel free to call us at 408-647-1244 or Email us and talk to one of our experts.