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Our Software Development Processes

Process is a fundamental element of the TRUEXTEND culture. We rely heavily on processes not only to optimize productivity and quality, but also to ensure the delivery of solutions that solve real business needs.

Following standard procedures also ensures that not only young engineers, but also experienced ones can follow a standardized path that takes us to a specific point with an assured level of quality. The procedures we follow contain hundred of activities in which each activity receives entry criteria, has several steps, and finally exit criteria which ensure deliverables at all times.

Process begins early in our engagements with the business analysis to understand the problem being solved, the ultimate customer for the proposed solution, and any constraints or requirements to the solution.

We follow the practices of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) to ensure the correct execution of every project and the highest quality in all our products. To ensure excellence in all of our engagements, we follow Software Quality Assurance (SQA) methods at every step of the Software Development Life Cycle making SQA integral in our processes.

Depending on our client’s requirements, we work using different software development processes including MSF Agile and Scrum for Agile Software Development, and CMMI for process improvement.

Insightful, proactive communication with clients, a clear understanding of their needs, and proven processes and methodologies ensures a high quality deliverable, reducing development costs by leveraging Nearshore resources.