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Apple iOS Application Development Expertise

iOS is a platform designed and marketed by Apple Inc. which is targeted to support several devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV. Initially the iPhone was a milestone in the cellular business changing the smart phone market forever. Over time other devices appeared that were powered by the iOS platform.

TRUEXTEND started developing iOS applications from the beginning and acquired meaningful experience in this technology.

iPhone and iPad Application Development

Application development for iPhone and iPad is more in demand than ever by all types of business. We have helped small companies convert ideas into successful products, and we have worked with big corporations trying to implement a mobile version of their current product.

Trying to create native iPhone or iPad applications without the proper direction can be challenging and frustrating. TRUEXTEND engineers walked a long path in order to gain expertise in all the complex, low-level details of iOS development.

  • We develop techniques and best practices to create an application able to run successfully on the iPhone and iPad reusing most of the business logic and saving effort and time.
  • We figure out how to work with several iOS versions and permit the application to run smoothly across them all.
  • Our engineers work extensively with the hardware capabilities of iOS, like multi-touch, accelerometer, compass, GPS, Bluetooth and wireless.
  • Our team works extensively on consuming web services from the iPhone and iPad, exchanging data through HTTP and protecting information using digital certificates and SSL.

Another solid option to develop applications for iOS devices is a web client application that is basically a web application rendered in the iOS browser. The iOS platform uses Safari, one of the most advanced browsers on the market that allow advanced HTML, JavaScript and AJAX applications to run. Our engineering team can help you create appropriate web client applications:

  • We can guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate client libraries (JavaScript) to support graphical effects and asynchronous operations.
  • Our engineers can create a web client application that detects the resolution and renders the application accordingly for iPhone and iPad.

Our iOS application development services include:

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod native application development
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod web client application development
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod game development
  • iPhone web application development services
  • iPhone porting and migration (including conversion for iPhone 3.0 compatibility)
  • iPhone software support and maintenance

Our Nearshore development centers in South America and agile iterative development process provides cost-effective iOS application development services for startups and established companies in diverse industries.

If you need experienced professionals to take care of your iPhone development project, you have already found a reliable partner.