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TRUEXTEND is the best partner for you because we are not only doing business but also we are doing a lifetime career. This is why out customer’s goals become ours and we work together as a single and cohesive team.

TRUEXTEND is incorporated in California with headquarters in Silicon Valley, and development centers in Bolivia. Doing business with TRUEXTEND is the same as with any other US-based company. We combine the advantages of outsourcing with the convenience of conducting business under US law with US currency with TRUEXTEND employees here in the United States. In addition TRUEXTEND ensures intellectual property of the deliverables remains with our clients and we maintain insurance protection in the US covering our activities.

One of the most compelling reasons why you should work with us it’s because of Our Proposal, which is composed by Our Company Principles, Our Agile Expertise, Our Processes and Continues Education we foster in all our engineers. All of those principles are leveraged by the conveniences of the Nearshore Model that allows us to stand out from the crowd. Working at the same US Time Zone with excellent communication skills and similar culture really makes a difference.

The technology expertise of our engineers is world class with 75% possessing master’s degrees, professional certifications, etc. Our diverse staff provides a stable, self-managed and scalable team of professionals with both technical and business management skills. In addition we guarantee that engineers will remain engaged on our client’s project for the long term. We have the lowest rates of turn over of the industry.

Talent alone does not deliver superior solutions on time and within budget. All work rigorously follows software development methodologies and processes that meet industry best practices.