How Truextend Recruits Talent

While it is difficult for some outsourcing companies to recruit high-quality talent, we are able to recruit and maintain well-qualified engineers. At any given time we have from 5 to 10% of the total number of engineers immediately available to join new engagements. It is standard practice in Bolivia to require a four-week notice prior to leaving a current job. Due to this lead-time requirement, an engineer will be available in two to four weeks if they are moving from one company to another.

Truextend recruits staff in a variety of ways. We receive a lot of personal references from our engineers and other employees. They refer to us their friends or good candidates they think could do the job well and they receive a bonus reward because of that. In the same way, we work very closely with students who are referred from the universities. Working with universities is of major importance to not only help train high quality potential employees but also to give back to our local community. We provide guidance to the universities in order to level out engineering students’ academic experience. In return, the universities are committed to sending us high quality graduates. A final way that we recruit engineers is through newspapers and other forms of media. While this is not our preferred method, we have found quality engineers this way.

Within the company there is an employee training program. Students with excellent academic records can do practical work with our company as well, providing them hands-on experience. We focus on two areas: development and quality assurance.

With all of these methods of recruitment, we are able to develop and maintain qualified engineers. Our turnover rate is very low less than 5% per year. Truextend provides a positive work environment focused on education through the entire length of employment. English courses are offered for our staff, free of charge. We also provide tuition reimbursement to allow our staff to constantly increase their knowledge. Treating our employees well allows us to recruit and uphold a respectable and loyal staff.

How Truextend Recruits Talent